Thursday, September 28, 2006

Discrete, serial and continous skills

Discrete skills are brief, well-defined actions which have a clear beginning and end. They are single, specific skills, which make up the actions involved in a variety of sports such as hitting and throwing. Hockey. i.e. a penalty flick in
Serial Skills are a group of discrete skills strung together to make a new and complex movement. i.e. the sequence of skills for the triple jump.
Continuous skills have no obvious beginning or end. The end of one cycle of movements is the beginning of the next, and the skill is repeated like a cycle. These skills could be stopped at any moment during the performance of the skill. i.e. Swimming, Running, Cycling.

Serial skills are those that have a number of discrete elements linked together to make a sequence.In football when taking a free-kick their is 3 elements which make up the serial skill, firstly you get the run up right towards the ball, then the awareness of the wall and where the other players are standing around the box and finally the shot itself. In tennis when taking a serve their are also 3 elements which make up the serial skill. First you have to get the throw up in the air right, secondly you have to get the movemnet right to connect with the ball at the right hieght and at the right speed. Thirdly the last movemnet is to follow through the shot putting as much power and accuracy as possible causing it as hard as possible for the opponent to return. Discrete and continous skills are not skills that are used in a tennis serve and a football free-kick.


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